Mucous Cysts of the Hand


Dupuytren’s Contracture of the Hand

A mucous cyst is a common fluid-filled bump or mass found on the fingers near your fingernail. A mucous cyst usually develops due to arthritis of the finger joint. The cyst contains a stalk that connects to the joint. It is thought that the bone spurs from the arthritis weakens the joint lining and allows a cyst to form. However, cysts can also form without the presence of arthritis.


Typically, the diagnosis of a mucous cyst can be made in the office by your provider. Xrays will sometimes be taken, but usually an MRI is not necessary.


Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Observation: if the cyst is not painful, draining, or infected.
  • Aspiration (draining the cyst) is less desirable because there is an extremely high recurrence rate, and can lead to infection.

Surgical Treatment
If your cyst is painful, draining, or infected, surgery is the best option. Dr. Fleager will perform a mucous cyst removal using numbing medicine, and this can be done in the office. During this procedure, Dr. Fleager will also remove bone spurs, which could be causing the cyst to form. It is still possible for mucous cysts to recur, even after surgery.