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Achilles Tendinosis Surgery

Achilles tendinosis is a condition where the Achilles tendon degenerates. It is different from Achilles tendonitis, which is a condition where the tendon becomes inflamed due to overuse. If Achilles tendinosis is severe, it may need to be treated with surgery to remove the damaged portion of the tendon. Click the button below for details on how the surgery is performed, the goals of the procedure, and more.

Achilles Tendon Rupture Surgery

Achilles tendon rupture surgery is performed after an Achilles tendon is torn, or ruptured, which often happens while playing sports. There are various surgical procedures that can be used to repair it, although typically, a doctor will make an incision and sew the ruptured tendon back together. Click the button below to learn about other surgical techniques, when to avoid surgery, and more.

Ankle Arthrodesis

Ankle arthrodesis is a surgical procedure that fuses the ankle bones into a single bone. It is often used for people who have severe arthritis when other treatments have failed. Click the button below to learn more about how the surgery is performed as well as signs that ankle arthrodesis may be needed.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy is a procedure that doctors can use to diagnose and treat ankle problems. Ankle arthroscopy is performed using a small surgical tool with a tiny camera, known as an arthroscope, which is inserted into the ankle through tiny incisions. The doctor can then view or treat the area. Click the button below to learn more about ankle arthroscopy, including the many different conditions it can help diagnose and treat.

Ankle Cheilectomy

When joints are damaged, they can form bone spurs. Ankle cheilectomy is a procedure to remove a bone spur from a bone in the ankle joint. It can be especially helpful for people with pain in the front of the ankle that has not responded to other types of treatments. Click the button below for questions and answers about ankle cheilectomy.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

When an ankle bone is fractured, or broken, a surgery that includes open reduction and internal fixation is sometimes used. To perform this procedure, the doctor will make an incision in the ankle to access the fractured bones and put them back together, which is known as open reduction. The next step is to hold these bones properly in place while they heal. Typically, this is done with metal plates or screws. Click the button below to review frequently asked questions about ankle fracture surgery.

Bulk Allograft Transplantation for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus

When bone and cartilage are taken from a cadaver source and used to treat an ankle joint injury called osteochondral lesion of the talus (OLT), it is referred to as a bulk allograft transplantation. This is a surgical procedure that typically is only used after other treatments have failed. Click the button below to learn more about the procedure, who is a candidate for it, and more.

Insertional Achilles Tendinosis Surgery

Insertional Achilles tendinosis is a painful condition that causes degeneration of the Achilles tendon and occurs at the point where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel. During the surgery, the damaged part of the tendon is removed but left attached to the heel bone. In severe cases, it may not be possible to leave it attached, so other techniques may be used. Click the button below to learn more about the surgery, including what the recovery and rehabilitation process is like.

Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction is a type of surgery often used to treat sprains or ankle instability. It strengthens the ankle ligaments located on the outside of the ankle. Sometimes, the ligaments are sewn together to offer more strength, but other times, tissue may be moved from the top of the foot to the ligament to help strengthen it. Click the button below to learn more about this procedure, including the types of patients who will likely benefit from it the most.

Lateral Ankle Stabilization

Lateral ankle stabilization is a surgical procedure used on patients who have sprained an ankle. It repairs ligaments that have been stretched or torn and is usually used after other treatments, like physical therapy, have failed. Click the button below to find out how lateral ankle stabilization is performed, what can happen if ankle instability goes untreated, and more.