Intracept® Procedure for Low-Back Pain

Low-back pain is a growing problem across the country, affecting adults of all ages and backgrounds. After an old injury led to chronic pain that affected life with his family, TV personality Carson Daly took a big step toward relief for his low-back pain with the Intracept® procedure.

Dedicated to providing you with the best possible options for your unique concerns, including low-back pain, we are proud to offer the Intracept procedure at North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center.

Designed to reduce low-back pain, Intracept is a small procedure that can provide a big impact on improving lifestyle and function.

Highlights of the Intracept Procedure

According to comprehensive studies and data* from providers and researchers using Intracept, the procedure is known to provide:

  • Same-day, minimally invasive care that treats pain at the source with a quick recovery
  • Long-term pain reduction and function improvement shown five years post-procedure
  • Decreased opioid use and pain injection use long-term
  • Very high patient satisfaction rate
  • Very low rate of significant complications

Who Is a Candidate for Intracept & How Does It Work?

Intracept is used to relieve chronic low-back pain that starts at a very specific source. Known as vertebrogenic pain, this distinct pain begins with damage to the structures between a spinal disc and the bone, or vertebra. Over time or through injury, stress develops in this area and comes along with inflammation and chronic low-back pain.

Candidates for Intracept have demonstrated vertebrogenic pain, with symptoms like:

  • Persistent low-back pain
  • Pain located in the middle of the lower back
  • Worsened pain while sitting for long periods
  • Increased pain with physical activity, especially with bending forward or lifting

To reduce this pain, the Intracept system is used to stop pain signals at the source in a nerve called the basivertebral nerve. Through imaging guidance and a small entry of the spine, the doctor uses special instruments and radiofrequency targeted at the nerve to stop its pain signals. This nerve has not been shown to regenerate after the Intracept procedure, meaning long-term relief is expected for patients with vertebrogenic pain.

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*Relievant data on file and several trials and studies, including: Fischgrund J, Rhyne A, Macadaeg K, et al. Long-term outcomes following intraosseous basivertebral nerve ablation for the treatment of chronic low back pain: 5-year treatment arm results from a prospective randomized double-blind sham-controlled multi-center study. Eur Spine J. 2020;29(8):1925-34.