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Over the past year I have had multiple MRI's at the Grapevine office and also at several other facilities not owned by North Texas Orthopedics. Without question, my experience at North Texas Orthopedics has been far superior to that at the other facilities, and this is due to Adair, the MRI technician.

She is the most compassionate, caring, attentive, patient person that I’ve met in the healthcare field in a long time. And it is evident that she is highly skilled and very knowledgeable in what she does. She considers each person’s medical situation and how she can make the experience as pleasant and fast as possible. It’s hard to find people as experienced, with so much expertise, who still have a heart when dealing with their patients. Adair is one of those rare individuals and I just want to recognize her for this and say thanks for all that she does and how she does it.

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