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"I had surgery on my right shoulder a year ago on November 13th, 2014, for a torn rotator cuff. During the operation they found several things in need of repair, and those were corrected. I had damaged the shoulder over and over through the years, healed it up slightly each time and then, through wear-and-tear, I finally hurt it badly in May of 2014 and went to see Dr. Kerry Donegan in July when it continued to hurt with no improvement. Initially, I was hesitant to have the surgery but Dr. Donegan overcame my objections with sound reasons and I'm glad he did.

In the surgery, they made a small repair to the Subscapularis section of the rotator cuff and made major repairs to the Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus sections. They also made a repair to the labrum, trimmed a bone spur, and debridled a section of the biceps tendon.
After the surgery, I was in quite a bit of pain for the first week, but it subsided after that, and each week was better than the last. 
I slowly and methodically rehabbed it through their center and at home. I was very dedicated with my rehab and careful not to do too much too soon.
In April of 2015, I began lifting weights again and exercising the shoulder very lightly at first. I have been very careful with my recovery, but I have also been very consistent and I still do rehab exercises today before I exercise. The good news is that they absolutely repaired everything that was wrong and I have 100% of my strength and mobility with no pain. I can do numerous sets of push-ups and pull-ups with no pain. I can even throw a ball again. Hats off to Dr. Donegan and his assistant Ryann Samsel for the excellent repair they performed on me. I had lived with and worked around the pain for many years; fortunately, I no longer have to suffer with it and I have my shoulder back." -- Kyle K. 
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