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"My name is Bea and my husband, John, had surgery for a muscle tear he had on his rotator cuff when he fell off a ladder. After Dr. Moffett did surgery to repair his torn muscle and after therapy John's arm was healed and to his amazement his golf game improved tremendously. But that's not the end of the story! A few years later John had a skiing accident and tore a muscle on the opposite rotator cuff and he needed another surgery. So, once again he went to Dr. Moffett for another rotator cuff repair. About the same time I was experiencing pain on my left shoulder that I rated a ten on a level of extremely painful (probably my imagination, but it hurt!). So of course, we went to Dr. Moffett for another shoulder rescue mission. My surgery was done on July 8, 2015, three months after John's shoulder surgery. I'm sure people thought we were wrestling over at our home! I proceeded to therapy and yes it's a painful process, but keep reminding yourself that this pain will end but if not treated the pain would have gotten worse. Three and a half months after my surgery I was released by Mike at Dr. Moffett's office to begin my regular exercising program and I was finished with my therapy. Currently I feel great. My shoulder is better than ever and so are both of John's shoulders. We are so grateful to Dr. Jeff Moffett and his staff at North Texas Orthopedics for restoring our shoulders so we can continue our healthy active lifestyle. We both highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Moffett for any orthopedic needs." – Bea C.

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