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"I underwent total knee replacement the first week in November 2015. Everything from pre-surgery paperwork to post-surgical final exam was flawless.  I am still waiting for the post surgery pain that everyone said I would experience!!  Dr. Williams and his team were phenomenal. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and experienced a "flare" during week 2 post surgery. I gutted that out without meds because I did not want to impact the perfect job that the team had done. Holli, Dr. Williams, and Tony responded immediately to my questions and concerns about the RA and associated issues, giving me strength and support to get me through that tough week and ensuring the most positive outcome. Dr. Williams is absolutely state of the art, a perfectionist, and extremely "soft tissue" conscious. I had 2 co-workers undergo the same procedure from other surgeons, some professed to be "Best in Dallas", neither had the outstanding outcome that my team ensured that I had. Thanks Dr. Williams!!" – Kenneth S. 

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