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"I had been dealing with a great deal of pain in my shoulder, for a very long time. Because of my age, I was hesitant to have surgery, but knew my condition was not going to improve without surgical intervention. Once I decided to undergo surgery, the staff moved very quickly to schedule the surgery, appointments and notify the hospital. I appreciated the presence of Dr. Stehley's PA, Cari Hall, on the day of surgery. It has been two months since surgery and I'm in physical therapy two times a week. Unofficially, I believe I may be close to completing that step, as well. Having surgically repaired the damage to my shoulder and built back the strength of the affected shoulder and arm, I am working hard to ensure that I keep this shoulder well and prevent a reoccurrence of the wear and tear. I did not expect to feel better so quickly. I appreciate that I have a great surgeon and his proficient staff." – Julie F.    

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