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"I really like Dr. Tucker. For 12 years, other doctors shied away from helping me with my back pain after looking at my MRI's. I dreaded looking at spending the rest of my life taking pain killers and being a grouchy old man.
After looking at the same MRI's the others did, all he needed to know was where and how bad the pain was. He explained what he could do for me and how he would accomplish it. May 11th he performed a procedure that would individually deaden nerves in my back on a temporary basis to show which nerves where involved. It was miraculous how the pain that I had put up with for 12 years simply disappeared. June 8th he will perform a procedure at the same locations that will make the pain go bye bye for a long time, maybe even years! I've been around quite a few years, didn't think I'd ever have any more heros to appreciate. I was wrong, Dr. Tucker is one." - Eddie C.

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