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"I was scheduled to have an injection placed in my lower spine to elevate lower back pain caused by arthritis. I was greeted at the front desk with a smile. I was called back to his office exactly at my appointment time. His nurse greeted me and explained the whole procedure to me. Dr. Llanos injected my spine using an x/ray machine to guide him to the correct spot. He made the procedure be as painless as possible. He asked me about an image that he saw on the screen. He suspected it was old sutures from a previous surgery. When the procedure was over , I was escorted to the check out desk. The lady who checked me out was very nice. I was then scheduled for a follow up visit. At my follow up visit , Dr. Llanos' staff were friendly again. His schedule was running just a few minutes behind. His nurse came in and explained that he would be in my room in about ten minutes. She brought me a bottle of water to enjoy while I waited. The doctor came in about 5 minutes later. He was very aware of my case. He remembered that we had questioned the spots we saw on the X-ray. He told me he would have a radiologist look at the X-ray just to confirm his conclusion that the spots were old sutures. I was to call him back in a week to discuss the radiologist's findings. I got busy and forgot to call Dr. Llanos back. In a couple of days, he called me. He reported to me that the radiologist agreed that it was just old sutures from an old surgery. I felt like Dr Llanos and his staff went above and beyond for my peace of mind. They made me feel like they really cared about my health. It was a positive experience. The whole office was friendly and upbeat." – Joyce G.

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