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I actually saw Dr. Tucker's NP, Megan on 11/14 and then again 11/30. On 11/14, she concluded that I had inflammation in a few spots in my lower back. She gave me some steroid shots hoping it would help. It did help considerably, which was great. I continue to have some aching though in my lower back (nothing like what I had on 11/14), so she highly recommended some rehab during my visit yesterday. Megan was very compassionate and thorough during both visits. She exhibited genuine concern and was careful when deciding the best solution. For the 11/14, she even pulled out her cell phone to show me exactly what was happening with the inflammation! I cannot stress enough how great Megan is; people don't always like going to the Dr., but I can honestly say it was a joy meeting with Megan and will not hesitate to schedule future appointments if needed.
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