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I needed a hip replacement and needed it badly. I was in terrible pain. Dr. Williams was a reference from my brother-in-law who visited Dr. Willams and was told he did not require surgery for his issue. My brother-in-law was so impressed by Dr. Williams he offered to come to get me from my Plano home to take me to Dr. Williams Southlake Office, he insisted I go. Dr. Williams and his staff were courteous and professional from the first visit. I felt comfortable with their approach to my diagnosis, the information about the process, and the plan of action without the hyperbole. Yes, I chose Dr. Williams who practices in Southlake, and I live in Plano with a plethora of orthopedists to picked from here. I was that impressed. We scheduled, the operation was done in about 1.5 hours. I woke up on the roller bed being carted to my recovery room. Dr Williams was there, and said "perfect surgery, all good, no issues". Pretty much want you want to hear after your first surgery that you've ever had. Recovery went good, there was a list of do's and don'ts a mile long. I made it through the tender recover period without issue, and recently got the tee shirt "I Survived Joint Replacement." One of the excellent things North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center offers is a patient internet portal to have electronic messaging between you and the doctor's staff. When I had questions it was great to have instant answers. Dr. Williams staff was prompt and quick to respond. If I need anything else done bone wise I will be calling Dr. Williams.
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Travis W.
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