Patient Reviews: Pat A. Peters, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.96 (212 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Peters.
  • “Dr. Pat Peterson has been very professional and really was able to explain the issue I had with my shoulder so I fully understood what was going on. He was there before my surgery to make sure I was good and comfortable and the first person I saw when the surgery was over. Again checking on me to see how I was. It was very comforting to open my eyes after surgery and to have him there looking out for me.  The staff at the Grapevine location are all very nice and very good at their job. All my visits have went smoothly because of their professional means and methods of doing things. They are very knowledgeable of my situation and if they don't know the answer, they always can find someone that does. The nurses and aids in the back are just as knowledgeable and always make me feel very comfortable and give me an easy feeling rather than your typical "Uneasy Feeling" when visiting the Doctors Office. I am so glad that I am in really good hands at North Texas Orthopedics!”
    – Robert L.
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  • “I first saw Dr. Peters in September to address problems that I was having in my ankle. He examined me and talked me through each of the things he was doing before he did it. After a few tests and several x-rays he was able to determine that I had torn all of the ligaments and tendons in my right ankle. We went through every possible treatment to try and get my ankle to heal without having to have surgery to correct the problem. After two months of resting and wearing a brace, and a walking boot he told me that my ankle was not healing on its own and I would need surgery to correct the problem. Being only twenty-two he explained me what the procedure would entail so I understood what I was needing to do. He was amazingly caring and stayed with me to answer every question that I had. I had surgery in December and got my cast off in January. There isn't anyone else I would ever go to if I were to need any sort of orthopedic care.”
    – Devin L.
  • “I know that the doctors here care. Dr. Pat Peters and Dr. Jeffrey Moffett are amazing, remarkable doctors. The response and the caring concern in meeting the two was a blessing. The outcome of Dr. Pat's diagnosis and Dr. Moffett's final decision saved my mobility. FOREVER thankful.”
    – Anonymous
  • “I had an injury to my knee and Dr. Pat Peters was recommended to me by friends. Dr. Peters and his entire staff have been beyond wonderful. My time was respected each visit. The set appointment time was punctual and prompt. Staff and nurses were smiling, kind, and efficient. When I had an emergency on Friday, June 27, the Dr. was out of the office, but Dana was a wonderful, calm help. Adair was so kind, patient, and calming when I had to experience my first MRI on July 1st. Dr. Peters has always been patient with my many questions and given excellent medical attention to my injury. I sincerely thank Dr. Peters and each member of the staff for the outstanding professional treatment I have received. I do appreciate the kindness and true caring shown to me whenever I received treatment. Thanks a million Dr. Peters, Dana, Adair, and the entire staff.”
    – Susan C.