Patient Review: Els C.

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Dr. Murphy is a caring doctor who listens to your concerns and genuinely wants to help solve your problem. As a patient with CRPS, being in constant pain was my life until Dr. Murphy suggested the Proclaim DRG neurostimulator. She gave me something I had lost after years with CRPS, which is hope. She connected me with Blake N., a rep from Abbott, and together we discussed a trial with the DRG. Not only did Dr. Murphy and Blake answer any questions or concerns I had, but they also listened and were patient. The trial decreased my pain and symptoms so much that I decided to go ahead and have the DRG permanently implanted. I trust Dr. Murphy’s skills as a physician and surgeon and am so glad that I made that phone call for my first appointment with her. If you are a person with chronic pain, make that appointment. It just might change your life.

Els C.