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Thank you for choosing North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center.

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Average Rating: 5
“Everyone was friendly, very professional, and very organized.”
– Tracie B.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“He was kind, thorough, and friendly.”
– Matha S.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
– Sherron H.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“Dr. Williams answered my questions and provided guidance for future procedures. I am confident in his ability to perform the required surgeries as needed. His physician assistant who administers injections makes the process painless and quick.”
– Nancy S.
“Very very pleasant. Dr. Tucker gave a mean injection in my shoulder, and it was not painful, he was very gentle. He has a great bedside matter which makes that great for new patients.”
– Frances R.
“Dr. Peters and the staff were excellent, and they put me in good hands!”
– Sharon M.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Stehly came in, diagnosed my problem, and recommended treatment.”
– Billy C.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“I like Dr. Ted Peters, and I always feel at ease with him. He takes time to answer my questions. I have been using NTO since 2011, and besides Dr. Ted Peters, I have also been treated by Dr. Pat Peters, Nathan Williams, Ryan Mulligan, and Briseno. I like all of them and feel they are all excellent doctors.”
– Barbra C.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Pat Perters listens to the issue and gives feedback that helps me understand what my options are. I always come away feeling informed.”
– Ron B.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
– William P.
“Friendly staff. Dr. Briseno took his time to explain everything to me.”
– Candace C.
“Dr. Williams is very compassionate and caring, as well as being knowledgeable and professional. Couldn’t ask for better care!”
– Janis F.
“Dr. Moffett has always been kind and willing to take time to learn about my situation, help me understand my options, and educate me. He is a picture of excellence. His PA Scott was also accommodating and took the time to make sure that I understood completely.”
– Sheralee C.
“Dr. Tucker was professional, friendly, and listened. He gave useful information about my ailment and prescribed a plan and medication to alleviate the problem.”
– Angela M.
“Every Doctor has been great, Dr. Williams, Dr. Tucker, Dr. Bresinio, and Dr. Peters.”
– Margaret B.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“Very nice & knowledgeable.”
– Lesa S.
– Linda C.
“I had the best experience on my first visit. Everything well organized, and the doctor and staff seemed to care.”
– Kristina C.
“Dr. Williams was able to see me on short notice. While his time and the staffs were very pressed, he and they took every necessary second to ensure I was cared for thoroughly and professionally - no wasted time, but time well used. Being a disabled veteran with over 35 orthopedic surgeries, one might say I'm experienced enough to know the difference between "quality care without wasted time/effort" and "rushed. Dr. Williams and your office were former and not the latter.”
– Dale K.
“I just had my first visit to this facility and am very impressed with the whole facility, and even more important, the level of care I received. The Doctor took his time and listened to me describe what I have been experiencing. I feel confident in his ability to design a course of action that will be very beneficial. I look forward to it. Thank you, Dr. Briseno!”
– Susan H.