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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5
“He is very kind and gives the feeling of caring about my health. I really do like him and believe he knows his business. Also Cari is so great and kind. She certainly knows her business also. And lastly Brie is such a nice and caring person. I really love alk 3 of them.”
– LaVonne N.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“I was accompanied with my daughter to see Dr. Llanos. At 88 yrs old, I don't always remember what Dr. I'm seeing or the reason why. Dr. Llanos I remember, as he is helping with my back and old age aches and pains. I attended PT with his referral 2x/week and find it quite helpful.”
– Charles N.
Treated by: Raul M. Llanos, D.O.
“Dr. Williams replaced both my knees with wonderful results. I am now very active, taking part in weekly Silver Sneakers exercise classes and walking two miles several days a week. I highly recommend both Dr. Williams and North Texas Orthopedics.”
– Dr. Shirley E.
“All of my interactions and appointments with Dr. Tucker and his staff (mainly Jessica) have been great! They get back to me almost immediately if I have a question or need a re-fill. Dr. Tucker is very caring and doesn't make me feel rushed. The physical therapy that he recommended in their office has really helped me. I have told my friends to also go to him. He seems honest and trustworthy and really wants to get to the root of my pain and do all he can to help. My husband has also gone with me to some appointments or procedures, and he agrees with me.”
– Meredith W.
“Dr. Moffett is very professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I awoke from surgery without any pain in my knee and it has remained that way since (1 year later). His staff is outstanding - courteous, compassionate and very competent. I was barely able to walk or bicycle due to a large tear in my cartilage and now I'm running my first half-marathon and have completed a few triathlons! I have recommended him to over 2 dozen co-workers who are having difficulty with their knees. I know where I will be going if I experience joint issues in the future!”
– Wendy S.
“Very professional”
– Scot C.
“I have had nothing but positive results with Dr. Ted. He has performed 3 surgeries on my hands and averted a fourth one by his care. I would recommend Dr. Ted and North Texas Orthopedics because of the high quality of care and concern for their patients.”
– Diana W.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“I had a hip replacement and I can't believe how amazing the recovery was! I experienced no pain and required no meds after going home the day after surgery. I was walking 1 mile after only 1 week, and 2 miles after 2 weeks. This was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Kerry Donegan and his PA Ryan are awesome!! Seriously, I cannot believe how easy this surgery has been. I love that I do not have to take anti inflammatory drugs anymore and I'm pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Donegan. I was skeptical about surgery, but I am a truly satisfied customer.”
– Julie E.
“Dr. Briseño (& his PA Mandy) always greets me with a smile and listens to me first before jumping into tests, PT, treatments, etc. I've particularly had a difficult orthopedic "journey" but Dr. Briseño stayed positive and focused on getting me better. And Mandy has been an angel with all of my needs and requests.”
– Elaine S.
“Dr. Williams was caring and kept me informed of all aspects of what to expect prior to knee replacement. He visited with me before and after on the day of surgery and daily during my hospital stay. Care after surgery was excellent. The entire experience was positive. I wish that I done this sooner.”
– Jim O.
“Dr. Williams along with PA Tony Volponi replaced both my hips 7 weeks apart. I cannot believe how small both incisions were and how they could put the new hip joints through the openings. Amazing!!  Pain management was great,. They were great with followup appointments. Very personable, and explained each step along the way. I would not go anywhere else.”
– John W.
“I received the best customer service and services from both Dr. Williams and Hollie. I'm amazed how professional both are and their follow up service is best in class. Also Hollie by far sets the service expectations bar beyond any class. She simply is great always returns my calls timely and is on top of any request I have. I'm very impressed overall with North Texas Orthpedics.”
– Jacob R.
“I have been seeing Dr. Stehly and Carrie for a couple of years for Arthritis in my knees. They have treated it with cortisone and most recently with Supartz injections. All I can say is that they are very professional, courteous, and friendly. Always have a smile, and seem to care. Answer my questions, and have even shown me how to do squats correctly, in the exam room. lol. Also, I love Bree, she is so easy to deal with and always so helpful!”
– Jeanne M.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“I tore my meniscus in my knee. Dr. Peters repaired it. The doctor, his office staff and the staff at HEB Texas Health Resources were phenominal. My post-op, operation and pre-op care was wonderful. Should I have the need of an orthopedic doctor again, I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Peters and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a surgeon.”
– Sylvia B.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Moffett has actually operated on me several times for both my left femur fractures and bilateral rotator cuff tears. On my last fracture of my femur, he took the time to insert a rod into my femur to strengthen and stabilize my leg for the future. Not such an involved procedure except for the fact that I am now a 70+ year old amputee with significant past surgical issues. The surgery was about 10 years ago, but I was able to walk my daughter down the aisle just like he promised. He has since repaired a fracture in my wife Linda's foot, and we both thank Dr. Moffett (and Mike Nicholas) and NTX Orthopedics for the caring treatment we received.”
– William C.
“Dr. Ted Peters saved my left wrist after performing a repair surgery on a botched emergency wrist surgery done in Las Vegas...he is my hero!!!  I will never be able to thank him enough!  Not only is he a superior surgeon, but his care and concern, i.e. "bedside manner", rises above all others. And the Keller office personnel has been kind, professional and extremely caring. What a comfort to have been a patient with North Texas Orthopedics, especially with Dr Ted Peters, during this very trying time in my life.”
– Laura G.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“So far I have been very pleased with the care that I have received”
– Curtis M.
Treated by: Raul M. Llanos, D.O.
“The absolute best. Examined, diagnosed, treated in same visit. Within a week improvement noted. Exceptional Dr. Moffett and his professional staff. When this joint acts up again, either due my misuse or its maturity I will head back over to visit with Dr. Moffet once again. TU to everyone!!! Ya'll are the Best.”
– Jim S.
“Great! Hip replacement in December and couldn't be more happy with Dr. Williams and Tony. I was aware of everything that would happen to me so the recovery was a breeze. Great job”
– Paula L.
“I have had the opportunity to see Dr. Moffett on 2 occassions, my initial visit and a follow-up visit. Dr. Moffett is very cordial and professional. He was able to explain my condition in words that I could understand and gave me a clear picture of future treatments. I feel I made an excellant choice with this treatment.”
– Kathy B.