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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5
“Dr. Tucker is a consummate professional. He has empathy for his patients and a soft touch to his healing hands. Those of us that suffer chronic pain appreciate the gentle care and concern.”
– Edgar A.
“Exceptional surgeon. Very personable to patients and family members. Explains all aspects of surgery and post op in a way you can understand. Would go back to him and recommend him to others.”
– John W.
“She was such a doll, caring, considerate and concerned. I really like her a lot and would recommend her to anyone. She did a wonderful job removing the cyst on my finger.”
– Saundra T.
“I have had lower back leg and ankle pain (Sciatica) for a few years but had not done anything about it until recently. I was reffered to Dr. Briseno who in turn sent me to Dr. Tucker. The Steroid injections I was given were not only pain free and fast but also have resolved my condition so far. I think it is only a temporary fix but a step in the right direction. I would definitely do it over again. Both doctors were great and I would recommend highly.”
– David D.
“I think there are many doctors in the world that know how to treat ailments, but Dr. Stehly and his PA Cari, know how to treat patients.  They always have time to listen, answer questions and I honestly believe that they know and care about me, my ailment, and how it impacts my life.  I would highly recommend Dr. Stehly to anyone seeking a orthopedic doctor.”
– Marianne F.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“Dr. Williams has treated me as well as my mother who is 87 years old. He is a great doctor who really listens and doesn't try to get you out of his office quickly. We also really enjoy Tony. In fact everyone at the Grapevine office is outstanding.”
– Sharon L.
“Dr. Williams has treated me as well as my mother who is 87 years old. He is a great doctor who really listens and doesn't try to get you out of his office quickly. We also really enjoy Tony. In fact everyone at the Grapevine office is outstanding.”
– Sharon L.
“I really like Dr. Tucker. For 12 years, other doctors shied away from helping me with my back pain after looking at my MRI's. I dreaded looking at spending the rest of my life taking pain killers and being a grouchy old man. After looking at the same MRI's the others did, all he needed to know was where and how bad the pain was. He explained what he could do for me and how he would accomplish it. May 11th he performed a procedure that would individually deaden nerves in my back on a temporary basis to show which nerves where involved. It was miraculous how the pain that I had put up with for 12 years simply disappeared. June 8th he will perform a procedure at the same locations that will make the pain go bye bye for a long time, maybe even years! I've been around quite a few years, didn't think I'd ever have any more heros to appreciate. I was wrong, Dr. Tucker is one.”
– Eddie C.
“Dr. Tucker has a personable bedside manner. He is patient to listen to your 'how it happened' story, your concerns and answers your questions. He is no-nonsense in beginning your treatment, pro-active, and willing to entertain your personal thoughts about your issue. He has been instrumental in alleviating my pain and explaining/prescribing what is necessary when weather changes (in particular) cause flare-ups. I was in pain, unbearable at times, constantly; living on Tylenol, it seemed since February 2015. I am very thankful and grateful for Dr. Tucker's help, care and concern.”
– Nina S.
“Dr. Moffett has preformed three different surgeries on me. After each surgery, I have recovered almost all my range of motion. He is always polite and takes the time to explain what my problem is and what is needed to repair the injury. My first visit I was referred to Dr. Moffett. The second and third injury I referred myself. The staff is very friendly and polite.”
– Joe S.
“Dr. Moffett replaced my right knee in 2012.  No problems whatsoever with that knee now. When my left knee started hurting in late 2015, I went to see Dr. Moffett.  He gave me a shot to relieve the pain until I decide that I am ready for a knee replacement. After several more shots, I knew that I had to make the decision. Well I did. Will be having it after company from NC leaves in middle of July. I know what kind of pain and physical therapy is involved, but I know Dr. Moffett will do a great job in the surgery. He is the only orthopedic surgeon that I trust.”
– Patricia P.
“I kept a list of all the things I was able to do after my carpal tunnel surgery. These activities caused pain and numbness before the surgery. Thanks to Dr. Peters I can: Drive long distances Sew Garden, including clearing brush and dead trees in the mountains Snow ski and snow shoe Ride 4-wheelers and bicycles Cook, including chopping veggies Sand & paint furniture & walls Wrap multiple Christmas gifts, shop for gifts and decorate homes Open multiple wine bottles  And most importantly, Hold a wine glass!”
– Kelly G.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“I was treated by Dr. Nathan Williams for a knee injury sustained at work. I found Dr. Williams to be a very approachable and responsive listener who answered my questions and addressed my concerns while patiently explaining my options regarding my injury. I was treated for a torn meniscus and underwent arthroscopic knee surgery with follow-up by PA Tony Volponi. I also found Tony to be responsive and articulate regarding my care. I would trust either of these two medical professionals, they make a great team and would recommend them to anyone seeking a recommendation.   My knee operation went smoothly and I felt immediate relief upon waking up in the recovery room. The operation was a little over three months ago and the once injured knee is a distant memory now with essentially no limitations. I have no pain and the knee seems as strong as it was pre-injury, thank you, Gentlemen!”
– Andrew H.
“From beginning to end, my experience with Kerry Donegan and Ryann Samsel (and everyone in the office) has been beyond my expectations. They are compassionate perfectionists who take their time to make you better. I would recommend them to anyone in need of orthopedic treatment.”
– Greg W.
“Dr. Briseño took the time to look at the history of my back. He came up with a game plan for treating my back problems, which included spinal fusion surgery. He did an excellent job and had great office and bedside manner. He genuinely cares for his patients. When I had to go back a few months later with back pain he was very through to find a reason for the pain and scheduled several test. It showed that the back was healing fine and it was residual pain but he did not stop there. He scheduled follow-up visits so that he could monitor the healing process and the pain issues long after he should have to. I highly recommend Dr. Briseño and North Texas Orthopedics.”
– Leonard H.
“I love everyone in this clinic. Ryann has treated me with kindness and respect each time I have seen her. The Physical Therapy team (Kathy) has made sure that my progress is on track and is very prompt with my appointments. I will come back to this clinic if I need additional surgery.”
– Patricia H.
“Words can't describe how pleased I am with my treatment from Dr. Donegan and all his staff. All my questions are always answered fully, and in terms I can easily understand. I have already recommended North Texas Orthopedics to family members and friends and will continue to do so. I also greatly admire their participation in local high school sports.”
– Michael B.
“After shattering my wrist, the care I received from Dr. Briseno, his staff, and my occupational therapist Kandy Kobar, was beyond compare. Their efforts allowed for me to get back to work in a very short period of time, and I really don't know how to thank them enough. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!”
– John M.
“Dr. Stehly is very informative and approachable answering all my questions and concerns.”
– Kim H.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“After first surgery failed on knee cap that was performed by another doctor in Irving, Dr. Briseño performed second surgery on my knee cap...and all is going very well....even though I have had numerous falls since October 1st due to my sporadic ataxia. Dr. Briseño and Mandy have been great during my recovery and all of my extra visits due to the falls.  Great people!”
– Linda H.