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Average Rating: 4.9
“She is excellent, very caring.”
– Maryann R.
“I was treated with great respect on every visit. A great experience was getting a new right knee. Very professional at all times.”
– Alvah S.
“Dr. Fleager takes the time to listen to my concerns and explains the treatment options so I can make an informed decision. I never felt rushed and feel like she genuinely wants to help me feel better.”
– Leslie J.
“I have been seeing Dr. Stehly for almost a year and a half, and every appointment has been a pleasant experience. I always have time to ask questions and still get detailed answers. Dr. Stehly is quick but efficient, and that keeps his patients from having to wait on him. I also feel he takes the least invasive way to cure your problem and works from there.”
– Pam D.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“Excellent service has a very clean clinic; all the staff is polite and professional, no waiting time, the doctor is very knowledgeable and listen to patient concern.”
– Shawki S.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Briseno is the very definition of awesome. He is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, experienced and compassionate. From the moment I met him during my referral appointment, I knew 100% that I was in the best possible hands. I am grateful that I was able to have him as my surgeon; and his care before, during and after has been nothing short of perfection. He cares about his patients and listens intently to any concerns. It's been three months since my surgery, and I feel that under his care and guidance, my surgery was a huge success. Dr. Briseno is in a league all his own for surgeons and I can't say enough positive things about him. Best Surgeon Ever.”
– Lori M.
“He's friendly and knowledgeable. Very patient in explaining whatever question I have. I like doctors that took time on seeing their patient. I understand doctors were busy, but we won't be going to the doctor if we're not ill. Most of the patient wants to know what was wrong and be checked thoroughly not treating us like one of the ginny pig for the experiment. That is why I like Dr. Moffett. I'm glad my PCP referred me to the right doctor.”
– Cheryl V.
“Dr. Peters was awesome! He took the time to listen to me and address my issue. He was very proficient and professional, and I felt caring. I would and do recommend him to family and friends.”
– Lesli Y.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Peter’s was excellent, and I was pleased with the care and diagnosis and treatment. Also telling me that we will figure out what is wrong and not worry helped me feel a lot better. Thank you, Dr. Ted Peters.”
– Connie J.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Tucker is always friendly and polite. Makes me feel that I am a person and he is genuinely interested in my problem and how he can help me.”
– Frances H.
“The doctor was thorough and very pleasant; I was delighted with my appointment.”
– Geraldine B.
Treated by: Raul M. Llanos, D.O.
“Dr. Ted Peters is amazing. I came to him for a 2nd opinion. It blew me away from the difference in knowledge and care he gave versus the other hand specialist I went to. I have never had to get a 2nd opinion for anything before, but my gut instinct told me to. I received utterly different care and information that a highly skilled and knowledgeable specialist/surgeon should know. I will keep Dr. Ted Peters as my hand orthopedic specialist. Thank you so very much for the time spent with my office visit.”
– Jennifer M.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Excellent care and attention. Felt very comfortable with him.”
– Judith E.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“Dr. Tucker is supremely knowledgeable and an expert in explaining the condition to me so that I could easily understand. He introduced me to his close staff and let me know his assistant’s name in case I needed to contact her. He said that I could see her earlier than possibly getting an appointment with him. He suggested an over-the-counter medication for mild pain to be used on a temporary basis. The whole office and nursing staff is extremely efficient!”
– Judith R.
“Dr. Donegan is charming and professional. I have recommended him to several friends in Trophy Club.”
– Mary M.
“Very professional with concern for my health.”
– Cresta M.
“Dr. Williams and staff have done as professional a job of knee replacement that could have been done period. I would be glad to discuss my experience with anyone considering such a procedure.”
– Larry B.
“Dr. Williams and Tony, his PA, were both excellent. Dr. Williams took time on my first visit to listen, answer questions, and give me advice on my care. Once I chose to have a knee replacement, the whole process from scheduling to surgery to post-op care was excellent. I’ve already planned the 2nd knee to be done in a few months!”
– Freda C.
“Dr. Williams and his assistant Tony are just great.”
– Rick K.
“Seeing Dr. Briseno is always a pleasurable experience. He explains what is going on, lays out all of my options and offers recommendations. He and his staff are caring and professional. I would highly recommend his services to any family member or friend needing this kind of care.”
– Kelly C.