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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Williams did both of my Knee replacements, and both had worked very well, and he is a good doctor. I have also seen Doctors Pat A Peters, Ted T Peters, Michael R. Briseno, and Ryan P. Mulligan. I have seen each one of these doctors for a different problem. I found each one to be professional and knowledgeable in his field. I have recommended North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center to people in the past, and I will continue to do so.”
– Barbra C.
“Very professional and knowledgeable. Easy to communicate. Did a great job on my shoulder.”
– John M.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“He was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything to me.”
– Karan M.
“Dr. Stehly is very personable as well as being an excellent doctor. I had total left shoulder replacement surgery. I had no problem with recovery. I have great movement now.”
– John R.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
– Margaret C.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Pat Peters as always took the time, asked the right questions and diagnosed my issue pretty quickly! He is very thorough, and just a fantastic physician.”
– James N.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Fleager is wonderful. She is attentive to my medical needs, and I would always come to her and recommend her.”
– Gloria B.
– Edwin T.
“I fell in December and shattered my elbow. I Saw Dr. Mulligan a week after the ER visit, and he set me up the next day with Dr. Fleager. She saw me Thursday and had me in for surgery by Friday. She is a great physician with an excellent bedside manner but is also straightforward with her answers. I felt very secure knowing she was performing my surgery. Follow up is Tuesday and I'm hoping for a great outcome but whatever happens, I know I have received the best care possible. Thank you Dr. Fleager and everyone at North Texas Orthopedic and Spine Center who has helped me.”
– Lori P.
“Great experience - Dr. Peters knew his business and did a great job. If I had come here first, I could have saved three weeks of pain.”
– Ralph S.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Fleager is amazing! Incredibly gifted, humble and compassionate. She has a great staff and clinic. I have seen several orthopedic doctors in other practices, and they are quite the opposite. Dr. Fleager made me aware of what to expect from my surgery and continued to give me encouragement throughout the recovery process. I will use her and North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center for any further problems. Thank you, Dr. Flaeger.”
– Kay M.
“I have been a patient with North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center for like almost three years now, and I have to say that he gave me my life back to me. I was suffering from my lower back and was using another Dr. that was draining my insurance, and this went on for more than five years I was miserable and in constant pain. I found North Texas Orthopedics & Spine Center on my laptop one day. I told myself to call and set up an appointment, and so I went in, and Dr. Tucker took the time to really listen to my problem, he ordered an MRI on my back then he studied it and I went back in, and he explained my problem to me and had me to come back and he performed a nerve block I am thinking that's what it was but anyway he nailed the problem and corrected the problem and he gave me strict rules to follow, and I walked out of the clinic with my head held high and thanked God for leading me to Dr. Chris Tucker.”
– Gary T.
“Dr. Donegan replaced my left knee ten years ago. Six weeks ago, he returned my right hip. The hip surgery was as flawless as the knee surgery. He is a top-notch surgeon, and his staff is outstanding.”
– Stephen P.
“Professional but caring about my needs.”
– Mary H.
“Superb care.”
– Pam J.
Treated by: Eric M. Stehly, M.D.
“I had several trigger finger releases previously. Dr. Peters did all of them. I now need carpal tunnel release surgery and immediately called Dr. Peters to set up my appointment. I liked that when he made his incision on my hands for my trigger finger releases, he made it where the scar would blend in with the lines in my hand. It’s the little things that make such a difference.”
– Diana M.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.
“Dr. Fleager is just the best! I heard great things about here from friends that have used her. I will tell others. Thanks, Dr. Fleager. ((hugs)) My hands feel great!”
– Judith S.
“Friendly, Professional and doesn't mind answering questions.”
– Paula W.
“I have been under the care of both doctors Pat Peters and Tucker and have had excellent care from both. I would not willingly see another doctor in a different ortho practice and would recommend them to family members and friends.”
– Judy R.
Treated by: Pat A. Peters, M.D.
“I give Dr. Ted Peters and A+! Your office staff is well organized and thorough. I had my first carpal tunnel surgery, and I am pain-free and have no numbness in my right hand for the first time in years. This is only two days after my surgery. I am looking forward to having my left hand done soon. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. I am amazed!”
– Lee P.
Treated by: Ted T. Peters, M.D.